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Courses, Modules & Components

The various programmes offered on Cultural Guiding are broken down into three levels.
  • The highest level is the course. Currently we offer:

    1. The Tourism Industry and Becoming a Guide
    2. Gauteng Province
    3. North West Province
    4. Limpopo Province
    5. Mpumalanga Province
    6. KwaZulu-Natal Province
    7. Geology & Palaeontology of Southern Africa
    8. African Folklore by Credo Mutwa
    9. A Brief Guide to the Soutpansberg

    We will soon be adding:
    • The Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and The Free State Provincial Courses, together with a host of Speciality Courses dealing with Cultural Guiding

  • Each of these courses are comprised from a series of modules. The Gauteng Province Course for example, is composed of 7 modules including, a Province Overview module, City of Johannesburg module, City of Tshwane module and four others.

  • Modules are further broken down into a number of components. The City of Johannesburg module for example has three components, the City of Tshwane module also has three whuile the West Rand module has one . In total the Gauteng Course has 12 different components.

Students are welcome to purchase selected components on an individual basis, whole modules or the complete course. A 15% discount is received on all complete modules purchased; and a 20% discount is given when a full course is bought.

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How to Purchase Courses, Modules & Components

  1. Register (it's FREE to do so) and Login.
  2. Go to the View Courses page.
  3. Navigate through our course listings, and click the relevant link associated with the course content you wish to purchase.
  4. The page will refresh, and your shopping cart will display at the bottom of the page (you'll need to scroll down to find it).
  5. Click the "Buy" link and you'll be taken through our payment gateway.
  6. Here you'll be asked for:
    • to confirm your password
    • your credit card details
    • to read our Terms & Conditions
    • to confirm your order
  7. Once your transaction has been successful, your course content will be available within 2-5 minutes.

If you'd like information about how to purchase offline, please contact us from our Contact Us page or e-mail us directly at

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Take The Test

After you have reviewed the material in any of the components you have purchased, you are encouraged to Take The Test. Simply click on the Take The Test link. All the questions are either True/False or multiple choice.

Please note that if you are unsuccessful in passing - you are welcome to take the test as many times as you need to, until a passing grade of 60% is achieved.

On passing, you have the option of viewing the correct answers.

However once you have passed - you cannot re-take the test to attempt a better grade. You are however welcome to purchase the same component again and re-take the test. Please note that if a component is re-purchased or re-issued to you, your previous mark will be erased, unless you passed it under subscription, in which case it will be kept and the subscription flag will be removed. If you buy it again, the previous mark will be erased.

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For more information on the associated Practical please see our Practical page

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GameSaver Badges

For each module completed you will be allocated a 'GameSaver' badge that will be displayed together with your login name on our Top 100 List. In this way, you are able to track your own progress in relation to other students and other community members will have an instant indication of your level of expertise in a wide variety of subjects.

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Acknowledgement & Reward
  • On the completion of each component the student will have their component mark updated on their
    "My Courses" page, indicating that he/she has completed that course component.

  • On completion of each module the student will have the option of printing out his/her own module certificate indicating that that module has been completed. The student will also be assigned 'expert status' in that module, and will be allocated a module GameSaver badge.

    To print out the module certificate, change the "Tree View" to "Normal View" on your "My Courses" page and click the module badge.

  • On completing all the modules in a course the student will automatically be sent an industry accredited certificate in the course completed. This only applies to certain courses however:

Certificate Courses

  1. Gauteng Province
  2. North West Province
  3. Limpopo Province
  4. Mpumalanga Province
  5. KwaZulu-Natal Province
  6. Geology & Palaeontology of Southern Africa

These prestigious certificates will be posted to each successful graduate. In addition each student that completes a full course is added to our Graduates Page.

Non - Certificate Courses

  • The Tourism Industry and Becomung a Guide

Practical Certificates

On completion of any practical, the student will be issued with a Practical certificate confirming that the practical programme has been completed. These certificates are issued by our Practical Partners. To the top

Accreditation & Endorsement

Our Provincial Courses enjoy full THETA accreditation

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