Student Top 100

for the 'Northern Cape Province' course
The top 100 list is calculated per course as follows:
1) The student has not graduated this course.
2) The student has completed at least 1 module.
3) The number of modules completed.
4) The average test score obtained for all the modules completed for this course.

Note: The module badge is only displayed if all the components for the module are passed.
Login name Position Badges
grante1Cultural OverviewHistorical OverviewNamaqualandKaroo RegionDiamond regionThe Green KalahariThe Kalahari
FortuneM2Cultural OverviewHistorical OverviewKaroo RegionDiamond regionThe Kalahari
dt3Province OverviewCultural OverviewHistorical OverviewNamaqualand
norm4Province OverviewCultural OverviewHistorical Overview
Pietvdm5Province OverviewCultural OverviewHistorical Overview
larniv6Province OverviewCultural Overview
Roberta7Province OverviewCultural Overview
Bongani8Province Overview
brenda9Province Overview
Brunov10Province Overview
hlbelz@gmal.com11Province Overview
petrop12Province Overview
Tamarfalkson13Province Overview
Thinus14Province Overview
AlanM15Province Overview
godwinsetswang16Province Overview
MarcelT17Province Overview
Anja18Province Overview
Bigfoot19Province Overview
ESTJ20Province Overview
gail21Province Overview
jjasper22Province Overview
mvcoller23Province Overview
Renee24Province Overview
andrevr25Province Overview
MothusiM26Province Overview
Pieter27Province Overview
GavinvdW28Province Overview
Gysl29Province Overview
Ramasodi30Province Overview
Ebenhard31Cultural Overview
EdsonM32Province Overview
francoisc33Province Overview
jewa34Province Overview
JohnsP35Province Overview
mag-marcus36Province Overview
patrickh37Province Overview
ShaunC38Province Overview
TonySA39Province Overview
WilliamM40Province Overview
Wouter41Province Overview
Jane42Province Overview

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