Full Course Curriculum

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Course Modules Components
A brief guide to the Soutpansberg
R 600.00
R 50.00
Introduction and Photographical Journey
R 50.00
  Natural treasures
R 50.00
The Natural treasures of the Soutpansberg
R 50.00
  The peopling of the Soutpansberg
R 85.00
Peopling of the Soutpansberg (1)
R 50.00
    Peopling of the Soutpansberg (2)
R 50.00
  VhaVenda culture and tradition
R 120.00
VhaVenda social organisation and traditions
R 50.00
    Venda Legends, Myths and scenic places
R 50.00
    Music, healers and medicinal plants
R 50.00

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