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WORKBOOK MOD 2: Research Component Price Add to cart
RESEARCH 2.1.1: Download documents from InternetR 15.00Add to cart
RESEARCH 2.1.2: Research Google earthR 15.00Add to cart
RESEARCH 2.1.3: Use a map for researchR 15.00Add to cart
QUIZZ 2.1.4: Research Methods and ResourcesR 15.00Add to cart
RESEARCH 2.2.1: Make a summaryR 15.00Add to cart
RESEARCH 2.2.2: Understanding Mind MapsR 15.00Add to cart
QUIZZ 2.2.3: Methods to Capture and Summarise InfoR 15.00Add to cart
QUIZZ 2.3.1: Interviews and ProtocolsR 15.00Add to cart
QUIZZ 2.4.1: Type of Cultural Site/AttractionR 15.00Add to cart
MAP READING 2.4.2: Cultural Heritage FootprintR 15.00Add to cart
CASE STUDY 2.4.3: Tourist ValueR 15.00Add to cart  Universal Currency Converter
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