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Evaluate your current skills against the criteria listed below to identify your weaknesses and strengths in becoming a Guide.

No personal details are being collected and replies are received anonymously.

However, should you wish to receive feedback, career advice or more information about Tourist Guiding complete the following:

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Choose the options you think are most appropriate to you:    1 = weak, 2 = good, 3 = excellent

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Ability to deal with problems
Calm in the face of challenge
Able to anticipate a problem before it arises
Think on your feet
Emotionally controlled
Alert at all times
People Skills
Tactful, yet firm
Good listening skills
Organizational Skills
Good time manager and punctual
Conscious of details
Research Skills
Keeping up with all sorts of facts (foreign exchange rates, next day's weather, news of the day etc.)
Inquisitive and broad interest in things
A positive, energetic and open approach to both people and tasks
Usually liked by people, or at least grow on people quickly
Quite articulate, with a well developed sense of humour, solid conversational skills, and the ability to entertain people with stories
Dependable with a high sense of ethics
Showing cultural respect / sensitivity
Able to maintain healthy boundaries
Not taking criticism and feedback too personal
What do you feel are your strong points at this stage in becoming a Tourist Guide?
What do you feel are your weakest points that need development?

Mention ways of how you can improve your weak areas