Recognition of Prior Learning

What is RPL?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning.

It is a process of identifying, assessing and recognising what someone already knows and can do, without them having to go through a formal or other learning process.

The principle of RPL is based on the fact that everybody entering a learning situation has some amount of existing knowledge and skills. These prior knowledge and skills can be measured and credit given for it providing that it meet the requirements of the Unit Standards involved for the qualification.


  • Illegal culture guides (who never attended a course or applied for assessment).
  • Culture guides who attended training /assessment offered by a non-accredited institution and can therefore not register / re-register.
  • Qualified nature/adventure guides who wish to become a provincial culture guide.
  • Anyone else who has experience in guiding / managing a tour group / other related experience (e.g. taxi/coach drivers) who is aspiring to become a provincial culture guide.
  • Registered culture guides with a valid Theta Certificate for the old qualification but who wish to be assessed against the outcomes of the new qualification and obtain the new guiding qualification (Further Education and Training Certificate): Tourist Guiding NQF L4 (71549). Kindly note that this is optional and only for the guide's own career development.

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