Frequently Asked Questions

How the Courses Work ?

Q. How do the Cultural Guiding Courses work ?
A. All the Cultural Guiding courses are correspondence or Distance Learning courses offered online over the Internet. You may access the material online or download it in .pdf (acrobat) format.

Please note: You will not receive any physical product from Cultural Guiding.

Q. Do I have to be online to do the assessments ?
A. Yes, however these are generally short 10 - 20 question tests, in True/False and multiple choice format.

They are automated, and may be taken at anytime, your assessment is instantaneous.

When do I receive the Course content I have just purchased ?

Q. When do I receive the Course Content I have just purchased ?
A. Since the Course Content is in DIGITAL FORM you will have instant access to the material.

All you need to do is click the My Courses button , and you will be taken to your own personal content page, where all your course content can be accessed.

Are you having problems with our Checkout?

Q. I cannot purchase courses from the website.
A. If you cannot pay through our system, e-mail us at

or use the Contact Us page.


Q. How long do I have to wait until my credit card payment has been accepted ?
A. This may depend on where you are in the world. Verification of your credit card details generally takes between 10 and 60 seconds.

Q. Since the prices are all in South African Rands (ZAR), how do I pay in my local currency ?
A. If your credit card account is not in South African Rands, our payment gateway automatically converts your purchase into your local currency.

Your bank statement will reflect the purchase in your local currency. Due to currency fluctuations, there might be a slight difference in your local currency amount, paid from your date of purchase to that reflected on your statement.

Q. What information will be reflected on my credit card statement.
A. Since Cultural Guiding is a division of Ripple Effect 4 (Pty) Ltd., the creditor on your statement will be this company, and not Cultural Guiding.

Your bank statement should reflect the SA Rand amount of your purchase converted into your local currency.

The amount converted from SA Rands is done at the international exchange rate on your date of purchase.

Offline Payments

Q. Can I purchases course offline without a credit card ?
A. Certainly. Simply add a course(s) as though you were going to pay by credit card. Then, instead of proceeding through our online payment gateway, click the "purchase offline" link. This will send us your request and we'll contact you.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or use the Contact Us page.

I recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 7.0 Browser and can no longer login succussfully.

Q. After upgrading to Internet Explorer 7.0, when I login I get a "login successful, sending callilng page" message but the page does not refresh.
A. The new Internet Explorer 7.0 browser treats the Cultural Guiding website as a pop-up website after login.

Solution # 1:

  1. Go to the Tools Menu
  2. Select your pop-up blocker settings
  3. Allow access for

If you are still unable to login, please contact us directly by e-mail:


Q. What is a Certificate Course ? What is a non Certificate Course ?
A. A Certificate Course is a course where successful graduates are issued a Certificate.
Non-Certificate Course are interest courses and no Certificates are issued to graduates.

Q. Which of the Cultural Guiding Courses are Certificate Courses ?
A. Other than the Free Courses, all courses are certificate Courses, and successful graduates will receive Certificates by post.

Q. When will I receive my Certificate ?
A. All the Certificates earned during each calander month are processed, printed and posted in the first week of the following month.


Q. Are the images and text protected by copyright ?
A. Yes they are. All imagery and text seen on Cultural Guiding is protected by copyright and remains the property of Ripple Effect 4 (Pty) Ltd. or Makiti Guides & Tours (Pty) Ltd., unless the specific image or text bears an alternative copyright notice or reference.

All downloaded files, imagery, components and PDF files are fully copyrighted as above.

Q. May I copy and use the images ?
A. Imagery that belongs to Cultural Guiding may be copied for personal use only. Imagery that bears copyright information from a source other than Cultural Guiding may not be used in any form.

Q. I want to use specific images for commercial purposes, what do I do ?
A. Please direct any requests for using imagery commercially to

or use the Contact Us page.

Course Assessment

Q. How do the tests work ?
A. There is a short assessment for each of the Components of a Course.

For example since the Limpopo Course has 13 Components, there are 13 short tests for this course.

Q. How do I access the tests ?
A. When you open a course component, you'll see a Take the Test option in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You may attempt the assessment at anytime, although we recommned that you review the course material first.

Q. What is the format of the tests ? What do they look like ?
A. The assessments are in the form of True/False and Multiple Choice format. There are between 10 and 30 questions per test, depending on the length of the Component.

Q. Is there a final exam for any of the Courses ?
A. No, the form of continuous assessment described above constitutes the complete examination process for the Cultural Guiding Courses.

Q. What happens if I fail my assessment ?
A. You may redo any assessment as many times as you need to until you attain a passing grade of 60%. There is no charge for re-taking the test. However, once you have passed, you can''t take it again to get a better grade, without re-purchasing that component

The FREE "Becoming a Tourist Guide" Course

Q. How do I get the Free Becoming a Tourist Guide Course ?
A. Simply click the Register Course button from the homepage and register, which is Free.

The Course will be automatically assigned and will be immediately available to you when you login.

Q. Is the Big'5' Course accredited ?
A. No, this is a short course, that does not carry any accreditation. It serves as an introduction to our Accredited Game Ranging Course.

Free Lessons / Components

Q. What am I obliged to do or pay if I do the Free Components / Lessons ?
A. The Free Lessons are not only FREE of payment, but also FREE of any obligation.

Please feel Free to try out all 20 Free Lessons , there's one from every full course on offer.

Click here to go to the Free Lessons page.

I have just bought a course, what happens now ?

Q. I have just bought a course, now what ?
A. As soon as your transaction has been completed, your course(s) will be immediately available from the My Courses page. By clicking on this button, you will be taken to the list of components, modules or full courses you have purchased.

Q. Will I be sent any course content by post ?
A. No, remember that all course content is delivered in an online format, only. You may however download the content in acrobat (.pdf) format, to either print or view offline.


Q. Where does all the imagery come from ?
A. Wherever possible, we have used original imagery taken while conducting cultural guiding tours and practicals.

A portion of the imagery has been kindly supplied by a number of additional sources.

You will recognise these images by the Embedded copyright. Should you wish to use any of these images, please contact Cultural Guiding for the owners contact details.

Many thank to our many contributing photographers.

Online Courses

Q. Do I have to complete any one specific course before movingh to another course ?
A. No: You may take any course in any order or in any combination.

In addition, there are no entrance requirements or fixed starting dates for any of the Cultural Guiding courses. You may register for and begin any course at any time.

Q. Do I have to do all the components in a Module to qualify for Module completion?
A. Yes, all components within a Module must be completed in order to qualify for the associated Module Badge. However, all the components may be taken individually.

Once you have completed all the components in a Module you will be awarded with the appropriate Module Badge, which will be displayed on our "Top100" pages.


Q. Do I have to use my real e-mail address ?
A. Yes, it is very important that you supply your real e-mail address during registration. It is to this address that we will automatically e-mail you your password. Without your password you will be unable to access certain areas of the Cultural Guiding site.

Remember that registration is completely free of both cost and obligation.

Q. Do I need to wait for a semester to begin in order to register?
A. You may register and begin a course at any time that is convenient to you.

Q. I'm already registered with WildlifeCampus, can I use these details to login to Cultural Guiding ?
A. Unfortunately not, the two Virtual Campuses don't use the same database.

However, you may request that you login & registration details be captured to Cultural Guiding for you.


Q. I am concerned about using my credit card on the internet. What can I do ?
A. We absolutely guarantee that your credit card details cannot be abused by on-line payments using our system.

Cultural Guiding uses 128-Bit SSL3 encryption and our servers are protected with the latest in firewall, anti-virus, spyware and malware defences.

Student Discounts

Q. Do I receive a discount if I purchase more than one Course, Module or Component at a time ?
A. Absolutely. Purchasing a full course entitles you to 20% off the sum of the Component prices. You will also receive 10% off by purchasing a complete Module of components.

Student Top 100

Q. How does the Student Top 100 work ?
A. The Top 100 is firstly calculated by the number of Modules and Components completed, and then by the average grade obtained in the Tests.

Username and Password

Q. What is my Cultural Guiding Password? I didn't get to choose one.
A. Cultural Guiding automatically selects a random password for you and e-mails it to you directly after a successful registration.

You are welcome to change it at anytime on your "My Details" page (Maroon Nav Bar).

Q. How secure are my username and password ?
A. Your username will be displayed on our Top 100 lists should you qualify. Your password however is totally secure and only you have the ability to view it and change it.


Q. Who accredits these Certificates ?
A. This qualification are conferred by Cultural Guiding which fully accredited by THETA.

Who are the courses for ?

Q. Who can register and complete the courses ?
A. Anybody may register and complete any of the courses. You may complete the courses for pure enjoyment or study for the full qualification. There are no entrance requirements of any kind.

Q. At which age group are the courses written for ?
A. For self-study we recommend that students be at least 14 years old. However, we encourage parents to log-on with younger children for an interactive learning experience.

Practical Courses

Q. Can I do the practical courses without doing the on-line courses ?
A. Yes, all of the practical courses may be taken without doing the on-line courses. Also any of the on-line courses may be done without having to do any of the practical courses.

Q. How can I find out more about the Practicals ?
A. Please visit our Practicals Page for more information .

Q. Are these Practical Courses run by Cultural Guiding ?
A. The associated practicals are run by Makiti Guides & Tours, the author of all the Provincial Guiding Courses.